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Recruit, Schedule and Manage your Workforce in one simple platform


Recruit, Schedule and Manage your Workforce in one simple platform
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The WorkAxle platform is your best defence against a chaotic workplace. Especially if your employees, teams, or volunteers work on a schedule, by season, or sporadically.

StartupCraft processes & Tools

We leverage on software to achieve maximum efficiency and focus on your project

Amazon Web Services


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  • Includes full stack implementation with deployment to a hosting platfom
  • Use of our internal libraries and components
  • Priority maintenance. We provide same engineers who worked on your product firstplace
  • Length: 2 - 4 months
  • Minimum viable product
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  • Includes full stack enterprise infrastructure targeting high-load case
  • Use of our internal libraries for every enterprise business product
  • Full-stack devoted team that works only for your project
  • Team members can relocate temporarily on-demand
  • Length: 6 months+
  • Fully tested, bugless and functionality rich product
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How can we achieve the top quality, bidding a much smaller pricing tag?

The secret is in balance. Every engineer of our company values the freedom and transparency. By not limiting ourselves geografically we open access to top talents spread across the world. We set no limits for physical location for our teams and in return we open access to the top talents all around the world. Every team is a well-structured unit with a skillset appropriate for specific projects. Top-tier engineers work on project architecture, solve most challenging tasks and get apps ready for production; whereas less complex tasks are allocated to less experienced developers. By creating a unique economy for your business with a help of smart resource allocation and carefully accounting every dollar spent into technology we also maintain the passion for the skilled engineers by not loading them with simple, boring tasks.

We provide enough space for growth and opportunity to make a decision when engineers are ready for the next level. Every team unit is designed to work on multiple projects but the prime time is reserves for one only. This way, your project receives the devoted backbone of team members with an endless support from the rest of the network. Engineers who enjoy working with different technologies and discover new solutions can share diverse experience and perform better. We have transparent processes and flat model of organisation chart in StartupCraft - anyone can trigger a conversation with CEO or directly with the client. We have our core responsibilities that define our titles but there is no place for conservative hierarchy in the teams.

The final secret sauce is in selecting the best of the best. Everyone in a company has a strong technical background and an experience with product development from scratch.

StartupCraft core team:

Vladimir Katansky

Vladimir Katansky


Vladimir has over 12 years of experience in software development and has studied Engineering and Multicultural Education. While travelling around the world, he invented the adaptive workflow framework that helped manage a team of around 100 team members alone, stay productive and scale. In his spare time Vladimir loves learning online trained neural networks modelling and building the product to help remote working companies prosper.
George Viazemsky

George Viazemsky

Dev. manager

George entered the industry 14 years ago as software engineer and has already developed a huge experience of different stack of technologies. It is hard to surprise him as he has an ability to quickly adapt to the new challenges. George holds a Master of Science degree in System Analysis and Management. In his free time George is managing another big project - his 2 kids. They help balance a stressful startups environment and charge with the positive energy.
Sergey Laptev

Sergey Laptev

Dev. manager

Sergey has been living with code in mind for the past 9 years. He holds a degree in Applied Informatics and Software Engineering. His main focus lies in mobile applications as he is a React Native guru. He constantly improves his skills experimenting with bleeding edge technologies, architecture patterns and always follows the latest trends. In the free time Sergey reads books, attends a swimming pool and explores the real estate business.
Rafael Torres

Rafael Torres

Director of Sales & Marketing

Rafael Torres brings over 30 years of experience in Sales & Marketing. He holds multiple degrees including a BSEE from the University of Florida and an MBA from Drexel University. Additionally, he has founded a couple of companies which he led to becoming multimillion operations, and eventually were acquired by international conglomerates in their respective industries. More recently, he has dedicated himself to assist startups in reaching the type of success that he has personally achieved.
Will Moore

Will Moore

Project Manager

Will has worked as a project & product manager for startups since graduating from Middlebury College in 2014. He is passionate about taking ideas and using software to those ideas into something tangible. His curiosity for developing products spans across industries. He’s managed projects in the transportation space, executive coaching space, hospitality space, and more. Outside of work, Will loves the outdoors and is an avid squash player.

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