FallsPay is the application for the local diners and restaurants, coffee shops or even festival events and shops. FallsPay set a mission to provide users with a better experience of contactless orders and payments in the most hands-clean, uncomplicated way. FallsPay looks for a future where people support favorite retailers and experience live events with a simple, safe and secure way to order and pay.


Currently, FallsPay team utilizes software development services from StartupCraft: mobile, Backend Development, UX/UI Design, and frontend development. At the moment, we're in a prototype testing mode and already see some excellent early access results. We're looking forward to continuing to deliver the best product in their niche. FallsPay team contacted StartupCraft because they had a vision for how to improve the user experience. So, we went through a discovery phase together and developed a Blueprint and Roadmap for a solution.

Contactless Payment

FallsPay payments open the possibility to pay the hands-clean way, without having to grab for cash or card. Just Open FallsPay and complete your purchase with a simple QR scan. Customers can scan QR code with their camera to complete payments

Universal Rewards

Shop at any FallsPay location, build up points in one big universal fund, and cash them in at any location. One village, one big 'ol stash of reward points for all. System implemented in a very flexible way that you may pay even the whole amount of an order using the Reward points

Admin panel

FallsPay opens the ability for Location admins to control the payments and manage business, items and payments of his location through the admin panel. Alternatively, that can be done from the mobile application

Customizable Widgets

Customizable widgets allow the app’s super admin to tune the view of the application’s main screen on a flight to create promotions and perform other activities directly from the admin panel


FallsPay has successfully launched their mobile app for customers and vendors usage in the July 2021. All tests were passed and the company acquired first loyal customers inspired with the philosophy and simplicity of the interaction with the application. Company started planning new features to continue improving the user experience and to achieve new heights.

Client feedback

Ross Henry

"They make our goals theirs, and that level of dedication and attentiveness represents their work ethic." Equipped with unmatched expertise and a strong desire to see their client's business flourish, StartupCraft Inc delivers on-point and on-budget solutions that have led to the birth of a user-friendly platform. The team is quick to apply iterations and is accommodating of their client's requests.



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