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Engineer Soul
We are a powerhouse of engineering and creative thinking. Our credo is to live by constantly creating, innovating and applying best-in-class technology.
Volodymyr Katanskyi
Founder & CEO
Volodymyr has over 13 years of experience in software development and has studied Engineering and Multicultural Education. While travelling around the world, he invented the adaptive workflow framework that helped manage a team of around 100 team members, stay productive and scale. In his spare time Volodymyr loves learning online trained neural network modelling and building the tools and products to help remote working companies prosper.
George Viazemsky
CTO & Co-Founder
George entered the industry 14 years ago as a software engineer and has already developed extensive experience at the different modern technologies stacks. It is hard to surprise him as he has an ability to quickly adapt to any new challenge. George holds a Master of Science degree in System Analysis and Management. In his free time George is managing another big project – his 2 kids. They help balance a stressful startup environment and charge him with positive energy.
Sergey Laptev
CIO & Co-Founder
Sergey has been living with code in mind for the past 9 years. He holds a degree in Applied Informatics and Software Engineering. His main focus lies in mobile applications as he is a React Native guru. He constantly improves his skills experimenting with bleeding edge technologies, architecture patterns and always follows the latest trends. In the free time Sergey reads books, swims and explores the real estate business.
Martin David Folb
Head of Sales & Business Analyst
Martin has over 25 years of experience in software design, engineering and delivery. He studied Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at the University of Cape Town. Martin loves to solve complex computing problems and finding solutions to business strategy using custom or reusable technology platforms. Martins work sits begin some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies products and platforms and he continues to explore, innovate and diagnose solutions to businesses of all sizes.

At Startupcraft Inc. we always merge our clients’ business cases with technical excellence which results in outstanding results. We turn good ideas into working software solutions that deliver on business strategy. What is our secret formula?

StartupCraft was founded in 2015 by a team of 3 engineers with a passion for the highest level of technology. This attitude lead us down the path where we stay focused yet passionate about what we do, leading to great products which cover both business needs and the ability to scale right away.

As of 2020, we have over 60 full-time engineers who were carefully selected and then trained to make sure our clients’ projects beat the competition on the technical and functional side.

Today, we have launched more than 100 apps, websites and software solutions. We ensure an individual approach to every client no matter how small or big the project is. This helped us secure the ever-growing list of clients who return to work with us again and also recommend us to new clients. We stopped doing sales activity from 2017 due to unexpected growth.

When it comes to development strategy we stay smart by balancing Open Source solutions and custom software. We invested thousands of hours to pre-develop solutions for most common use cases creating an unfair advantage over competitors with shorter delivery times and lower costs. We call it a smart investment. This approach lets our team focus on the part which makes your product unique. Slightly increasing chances of success in the market and more time dedicated to making a high-quality solution in the shortest possible time. Leaving behind routine and mundane tasks, we allow every StartupCrafter to keep up their personal growth and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

We enjoy calling ourselves StartupCrafters as we treat the work as a craft. To be proud of what we have built and share it with a smile on our faces.

Our offices
Miami, Tedge — 3401 N Miami Avenue, Suite 230, Miami, FL, 33127, USA
Main Development office:
Kyiv, Creative Quarter —
Sport Square, 1А, 01023 Kyiv, 01023, Ukraine
Contact us:
Primary Phone: 786-593-2232
Secondary Phone: 415-342-4784
3401 N Miami Avenue, Suite 230, Miami, FL, 33127, USA
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