NetworkOS helps projects and communities to gather collective intelligence from all of their networks and then processes it using Graph and AI technologies. The output is visualized Graph Network showing how you are connected, networking stats and recommendations.


The product we call internally "LinkedIn on steroids" started with a very ambitious goal, to revolutionize the way people interact and networking through the help of modern Data Science. StartupCraft team spent two days in a full-contact with co-founders doing intense brainstorming of world-class problems. As a result, we have outlined the 1-year plan with a mixed RnD approach at critical stages and won the attention of some huge enterprises to support the cause.

The Problem

Having information is not enough nowadays. It's much more important to use it in the right way. The goal was to create a solution that presents the information in the way it truly impacts the communities. And to reveal the most exquisite intelligence, it's important to dig very deep into data which brings the next level of technical challenges and pushes nowadays software and hardware to its limits.

Visual People Search Like No Other

To see how your network is connected using advanced graph visualization is a core feature of the product. To make it happen we used the most powerful Graph Database, Researches made by Google and other leaders in the industry and connected with some universities to address the visualisation challenge. The result was a stunning representation where visual search absolutely crushed the conventional list view.

Graph recommendations engine

By utilising the user's data coming from integrations and other sources, we feed it to the engine which analyses up to 4 level of depth of relations and provides detailed output. For example: if person D is the one you are looking for and you know person A, who is connected with person B who is in turn connected with a person C, who finally knows person D - the engine presents the connections path from person A to person D. This approach is re-used on a common knowledge such as organisations, communities or connections.

Security at the Core

Since the data is the most valuable asset in the NetworkOS, we used Blockchain technology to create a public ledger defining data ownership. On top of that, we created the architecture with extremely detailed access control policies which scoped to every specific individual or community.


It was essential to making the next step seamless for users in terms of data contribution. StartupCraft extended the solution by building another software for NetworkOS helping online conferencing which automatically collects the data. As a result, NetworkOS has attracted even more attention after the full release, getting support from Fortune 100 companies and the government.

Client feedback

Brandon Klein

NetworkOS, Co-founder
With the client raving about the quality of their work, StartupCraft Inc has performed well during the engagement. They have delivered virtually error-free work and have stuck to the project timeline and budget.










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