Morpheus.Network is intensely focused on helping companies and Government organizations remove barriers to digitize, optimize and automate their global supply chain operations.


Morpheus Network team got in contact with StartupCraft in March 2022 with an ambitious goal to innovate the space via introducing validators network to support their main business operations. The Morpheus.Network Beta Masternode Program allows Masternode operators to be part of the trusted data solution and to reward validators for keeping their staked tokens-based nodes active through their testing contract. The main value the validators network provides is decentralized trust layer which works in the blockchain spirit replicating the core Morpheus.Network operations like querying API for tracking packages and matching the resulting hashed value.


While operating in the global supply chain space where multiple parties are involved the trust aspect of the business had to be ensured and witnessed. Especially when it comes to disputes or legal documentation involved the accuracy becomes a foundation of the business success.

Fully decentralized network

Trust Layer of the Morpheus.Network operates in the Polygon blockchain through the network of validators running the physical node on the dedicated server or machine and meticulously running the queries broadcasted by the main master node.

Seamless staking

User friendly staking process which makes the whole setup easy and straightforward. Supported through any Web3 wallet capable of working with Polygon Network.

Node management and reward program

The Masternodes program has simple rules of keeping the uptime of underlying physical node on the server for 99%+ while staking the MNW token on the Polygon network. With top-notch dashboard displaying the health of the Node and other useful stats, the validator can seamlessly keep on track the all vital stats and observe the rewards progress in real-time.


As a result of StartupCraft delivery, Morpheus.Network released web application for dashboard, admin panel for managing team and desktop applications with CLI option alongside with blockchain side of the project in December 2022. All Smart Contracts were validated by Certik with minimal follow-up required thanks to world-class implementation and 100% tests coverage made by StartupCraft team. The project gained huge traction doubling the price of the MNW token and significantly boosting the trading volume reaching whopping $114 million market cap within 2 months since the launch of the program. Finally, Morpheus.Network joins Google for Startups Accelerator Canada in February 28, 2023.

Client feedback

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Noam Eppel

Co-Founder & COO
The supply chain masternodes project was a huge success and we have hundreds of users so far. I am especially pleased with the UI/UX of the platform which made onboarding new users a seamless experience.


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