Whaleroom is a Blockchain Social Network. Heavy holders of blockchain projects can come to WhaleRoom to connect with fellow whales, share ideas, and discover new fundamentally strong projects. They can also network via a curated list of crypto project rooms and enjoy anonymity amongst a group of like-minded whales in a trustless way.


The WhaleRoom team approached StartupCraft with a clear picture in mind of what Whaleroom Blockchain Social Network should look like and how it can help shape the Blockchain Community. Providing a helping hand by sharing plenty of experience in Blockchain development, we have immediately helped shape the vision of the product with a proper aligning technology stack. StartupCraft has been hired to provide a full range of services: from designing solutions to full implementation and maintenance.


There isn't any place to go talk about crypto projects with other verified holders of specific projects. Blockchain Chatrooms today are riddled with agenda-driven misinformation that leaves new market entrants feeling confused and unimpress.

Verified Community of Crypto Lovers

WhaleRoom gives members more than just a social network and an edge, it fosters a lifestyle and unique experience. Members are able to engage and share their knowledge with less experienced community members as well as learn from other whales within the community thereby unexperienced users can shorten their learning curve when it comes to understanding the fundamentals of the tokens you hold.

High Level Security

Proof of Ownership is a new way of ensuring community integrity. WhaleRoom platform uses cryptography to ensure all room participants are who they should be. The platform uses blockchain technology to anonymously ensure platform members only gain access to project rooms and premium features that they qualify for. The system checks wallet balances and enforces room minimums for users to gain entry to social feeds for a curated list of coins/tokens/influencers.

Allocation of Research Analyst and Expert

Members can level up their project discovery skills by having access to the world's largest pool of verified crypto whales. Discover their thought process and mental models. Members are able maximize their productivity and safe a huge amount of time filtering through junk and set smart notifications about events that matter to their research.

A seamless experience

Members will participate in high-quality discussions about exciting blockchain projects and connect with like-minded crypto enthusiasts! Customize in-app experience that is tailored to members' dashboard according to preferences and needs. Filter your notifications and alerts to stay on top of the latest discussions while avoiding information overload. Follow other users and save your favourite posts. Access detailed analysis and market insight about listed projects directly from the app.}


StartupCraft helped develop WhaleRoom as a solution to real problem that most crypto users are forced to deal with on an almost daily basis.Thus far, Whaleroom Team has raised 900k Canadian Dollars in Pre Seed Round.

Client feedback

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Chris Defour

"I am impressed with the speed at which their team is able to understand our needs and vision" Feedback summary: Although the project is still ongoing, the client commends the platform for its great performance and functionalities. StartupCraft Inc utilizes various tools to track and share their progress with the client, ensuring a transparent process. They remain flexible, responsive, and accommodating.


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