VoiceReel is the audio platform for voiceover talents to manage and share demos online. Manage your entire demo reels from one easy-to-use dashboard and create beautiful presentations that truly engage your potential clients and followers.

Problem & Solution

As of today, there is no social voice overs professional network which doesn’t look like a marketplace but more like a place where you can create a unique portfolio representing a brand. The existing solutions doesn’t address sophisticated requirements of top voice talents and the only solution was to remain disconnected with personal website.

Voicereel was created as application with marketing augmentation in mind. A unique portfolio generating tool which allows voice talent to build an efficient presence and allow visitor to easily reach the professional. The another feature helping attract more attention allowed sharing the rich content on social networks and create a competitive presence among the peers.

Full of features

Discover Discover a new way to showcase your voice work. Everything you need for your professional online presence.

Demos The My Demos page is your dashboard where you can see all your uploaded demos. You can play your sound tracks directly and listeners can interact with your soundtrack by liking, downloading and sharing your files.

Under Presentation mode, you can expand the demo for a full-screen view so that your audience can focus on the track being played.

Playlist Playlists are curated collections of files that you create to share your favorite works publicly or via a private link.

Folders You can organize your files into folders following any criteria as you like.


The social network successfully entered production mode and started with a profound database of voiceovers so it brought the value from the very beginning. The voiceover talents quickly expanded through network and easily adopted the interface.

Client feedback

Roberto Velarde

Voicereel, Founder
Internal reviews for the new site are very positive. StartupCraft Inc worked independently and responded quickly to inquiries. They are consistent communicators and have never missed a deadline thanks to their use of project management tools.










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