Tazawaj is one of the most leading apps in Islamic communities, which focuses on building a happy Islamic family oriented towards love and understanding. Tazawaj aims to give user the opportunity to find the other half in an easy, safe way and for free based on Islamic values and mutual respect.


Tazawaj founder met with StartupCraft team very first time when he already had a good understanding of the market, its competitors and with designs ready to go. The only problem that had left to solve is a technical challenge where StartupCraft gladly accepted the offer to provide their services and to satisfy business huge appetites for performance of matchmaking social network.

The Problem

There’s not much option when it comes to matchmaking services oriented to specific cultures and groups. Moreover, when it comes to great UX and easy to use application it’s rare even worldwide. The complicate things even further, some groups require a thorough validation of the information in order not to violate the user privacy but respect it instead. On top of these challenges lies the utmost demanding users market starving for the best in class responsiveness and rarely keen to give any app a second chance.

High-end verification and top-notch security platform

Validation during onboarding is one of the most crucial features since user data is the most sensitiive in the business and in the Islamic community. Some innovative features included: multi-stage blurring of user avatars, fine-grained access policy and admin panel tools to provide 2-step moderation of any account entering the system. On top of that, user is provided an opportunity to block any contact anytime or to limit access to the different parts of his profile.

Elegant and secure profile description

The pillar of the application is the way the content is delivered to both parties participating in matchmaking process. The whole process contains several stages of gaining trust and revealing more information over the time. The onboarding process reflects the mix of routine and entertaining process. To have rich profiles and do not bore users, StartupCraft implemented fractioned on-boarding which imitates learning process and asks to finish every stage of profile as user progress.

Seamless communication

When the first contant is established, the application offers a range of ways to communicate between users. Chat, likes, bookmarks, notes and sharing profile. It becomes a second in charge focus area after User Profile. The application was using high-end technology for real-time communications based on Elixir technology to guarantee fast and reliable message delivery.


After the application was delievered to the market, it had experienced the well-expected struggle entering the matchmaking apps arena. Over the time, Tazawaj conquered the hearts of their users by beating the competition due to technological excellence, friendly UX and well-structured validation process.

Client feedback

Ahmed Bahgat

Tazawaj, Founder
My project had diverse features and advanced business logic, I had been looking for, and interviewing many of the well reputed development agencies before settling with StartupCraft team. What truly engages me with StartupCraft is their enthusiasm and passion to work with promising startups, they also are well equipped to act in high agility with changing requirements, and finally a clear commitment to deliver quality product. They have provided dedicated expert BA, top notch development team and Quality assurance / testers to ensure smooth and quality delivery from 1st day of engagement. We continue to release new features very rapidly and the end experience has been smooth and satisfactory. Wish them the best in their journey.



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