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Synchronos claims to be the most powerful software designed for remote teams. We designed it from the collective experience accross 6 years of company existence. It has dramatically improved ROI for us and our clients. It also served as a sandbox for our engineering teams so we can showcase what we can develop or reuse.

Ultimate Kit

A mix of solutions backed up together to achieve the most ambitious goal - to win independence from your business and let software do the job. We have all necessary components under one roof - tasks, budget, workload management, time tracking and chat.

Designed exclusively for remote working teams

One of the main values at StartupCraft is a geographical indepence, which means remote work. To maintain the same or similar level of efficiency in comparison with onsite office we have innovated with introduction of Virtual Office, Real-time updates and Automated check-in and reporting systems.

Communication is a key

Since everyone has a flexible working hours or reside in different time zones we make sure the important message or notification will reach you no matter what. We have built a presence for iOS and Android devices and created desktop solutions for macOS, Windows and Linux so you never miss an important update.

Simplicity in every atom

Constant on-boarding process for new members, adaptation for new clients and large tutorials is something we hate the most. To optimise the repeatable processes we designed Synchronos in the way it doesn't need to take a lot of time to understand how the functionality works. Our clients loved it cause it's so easy and straight to a point that they often don't even need to contact a manager and can grab vital infromation anytime.

Closing remarks

We worked through many platforms including Asana, JIRA, ClickUp, Trello and all of them lacked the simplicity, functionality and overal adherence to the result. Synchronos in turn, allowed our team to focus on what we love to do the most avoiding tedious configurations, eliminating learning curve and game change the onboarding process. It has been so well-accpeted by other 100+ teams that we decided not to create any tutorials and maintain the philosophy to learn as you go.



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