Ovrpass takes 30 minutes to set up and is designed for multi-location businesses who need to hire lots of part-time workers. It pre-screens and routes applicants to the right place depending on the rules you set. Applicants then get dumped into an applicants CRM for later use.


OvrPass founders reached StartupCraft with existing solution which was far from being completed. After detailed review, our team concluded on re-writing of the application end to end with preserving existing 3rd party integrations.

The problem

There were no elegant solution for small businesses to automate the process of collecting resumes and organize the applicants pool in one easy place.

Automatically pre-screen and CRM in 1 place

The way Ovrpass was built allows you to quickly route applicants to who they need to go (by email or integration) depending on location, department, or project.

With defining pre-screening questions for specific roles, Ovrpass then automatically process visitors and pre-fill the CRM for futher management.

Create unlimited applicant attributes and statuses

Keep your applicant pool organized by associating attributes and statuses to applicants in your account. Quickly search and filter applicants when needed.


OvrPass is a small but elegant solution to the business to work in a setup & forget mode. Automatic processing helps the HR department to focus on the outputs instead of managing infrastructure and leads to better results.

Client feedback

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Chris Defour

SaaSquash Technologies, President & Managing Partner
I love working with StartupCraft Inc’s team. They truly care about the quality of the work, and I appreciate how lean and agile they are to meet our clients’ needs.


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