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OhanaLink Technologies is set a mission to deliver solutions aimed at preserving privacy, intimacy and availability for groups of close people such as family, friends or communities. It allows their users to own their small Instagram-like news feed, chat and other custom content fully protected from outer world.


OhanaLink approached StartupCraft while being in the process of finalising the idea and mockups. And we joined just in time. Providing a helping hand by sharing plentiful of experience, we have immediately helped shape the vision of the product with a proper aligning technology stack. StartupCraft has been hired to provide a full range of services: from designing solutions to full implementation and maintenance.

The Problem

Modern users are extremely demanding to the UI, UX and performance of the application. And given the fact OhanaLink requirements were running about real-time communication such as chat, news feed and other features - we faced the challenge of delivering a cost-efficient and attractive solution at the same time.

Multi-purpose waiting room

With a simple yet smart concept, we introduced the concept of the manageable entity which groups communication by the specific subject: Health, Family, Work etc. This allowed us to quickly iterate over the related features such as chat, news feed and custom functionality and preserve the simple structure.

Full-featured Chat

It's impossible to imagine communication without online chat these days. Customers don't need just a 1-1 texting tool but the ability to send media content like audio and video, have likes, emojis and also have group conversations. And of course, having full control over who has access and where.

News Feed

StartupCraft has been offered to create one of the most popular features known these days - an instagram-like news feed. It's essential to keep users engaged and stimulate them to post fresh updates even for private groups. Our team dedicated a fair amount of time to researching all subtleties and produced a simple yet sophisticated solution focusing on content.

A solution full of surprises

On top of the fundamental functionality, OhanaLink decided to distinguish itself by offering a variety of solutions to support different community types. For Work communities - we introduced the Planner, for Health and Baby waiting room - the roadmap of pregnancy, guests management, gifts, stickers and online cards, for Kids - gamification and scoring.

Enterprise-grade back office management

To provide world-class support for such a variety of features and operations, StartupCraft delivered an admin panel that lets the OhanaLink team offer frictionless support to their customers almost in no time.

The Waiting Room constructor allows OhanaLink to create a unique experience for the specific group needs and automatically generate it without the developer's help.

Through high fidelity ownership and permissions control, we made sure customer's content is safe & secure where support is focused only on functionality and not the data.


OhanaLink technologies started its journey with just one product for Baby Arrival Monitoring and grown to an enterprise-level solution offering a customizable waiting room constructor with 4 other types of WaitingRoom in 1 year. After securing critical partnerships, OhanaLink quickly expanding its presence within local hospitals and connecting with small to medium business owners.

Client feedback

Kara Wasser

Dub Diversified LLC, CEO
The app has exceeded the expectations of the internal team. StartupCraft Inc continues to provide updates and support to the platform, communicating effectively. Their team goes above and beyond to provide quality customer service.





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