Lyfta is a subscription based digital platform where teachers and students can access immersive storyworlds and curriculum-based lesson and assembly plans. Lyfta's theme-based learning experiences are ideal for teaching Literacy, PSHE, Global Citizenship and Art, as well as fostering values and skills such as empathy, self-direction and critical thinking.

The Inception

Lyfta approached StartupCraft with a non-trivial task of combining VR, AR and traditional web technologies to deliver one of the most innovative ways to learn and explore the world by immersing the viewer right on the spot, in the form of virtual classes. The challenge was accepted by StartupCraft, with a building a very first VR department of the company in the same time.

Immersive human stories experience

It costs Lyfta team thousands of hours to craft an innovative and pedagogically excellent resource so the goal was to make sure the overall environment is implemented in a proper way, with an attention to all details and with supplying perfect user experience. StartupCraft brought a range of modern VR technologies and modified some of them to bring outstanding performance so users don't experince any lag or distraction during the education session.

Storyworld editor

To alleviate the complexity of working with emerging technologies, StartupCraft team developed a storyworld editor, simple enough for teachers to create content without a technical background and detailed enough to cover different scenarios without a need to summon a developer.

Full-stack solution

On top of storyworlds, we developed more traditional features for Lyfta such as Student's management, student's Diary and Content management system. Lyfta focuses the communication on visual content, so StartupCraft implemented video managemt solution which worked as back-up for VR/AR classes.


After finishing Lyfta, it works with the latest browsers on all devices, as well as supported wiht offline apps for smooth delivery on slower internet connections. At this point, Lyfta established contracts with more than 700 schools, working with 2500 teachers and more than 100'000 children world-wide. Their content was good enough to be featured in BBC World and The Guardian.

Client feedback

Chris Norman

Lyfta, CTO
StartupCraft team have been very effective in providing solutions when we had an issue or new feature requests.




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