LbR provides construction companies with qualified laborers, fully-fledged range of services including time and records management, payroll, detailed reporting and onsite automatic registry. LbR is a subsidiary to John Wayne Construction Inc. founded in 1993


One of the John Wayne Construction founders approached StartupCraft with a goal to address the pain points with a digital transformation of their business. With already working business and more than 5000 laborers involved, we have instantly started conisdering project as a small enterprise. StartupCraft was hired as a solution architect to provide the full range of services and move from the paper to the mobile devices.

The Problem

The company main pain-points were defined in the next areas:

  1. The time cards management for several hundred laborers in the field.
  2. Hand-written Paper Time Sheets & subsequent data entry.
  3. No transparency for company clients and labor.
  4. Low and untraceable efficiency on the job sites.

There was no all-in-one solution to compound the information on the Laborers, manage it. The Laborers were identified by their paper ID cards, which could be lost of forgotten. All the calculations related to the number of hours worked each day, total number of hours were conducted manually using Excel formulas. The main goal was to audit and register time-entries from multiple workers in different locations with a further report generation to company clients and insurance companies.

Users & Projects management foundation

Moving everything to a one system was the first logical step to escape Excel's hell. Application enables management to register Laborers in the system, assign them to specific roles and projects, keep track of their work history, generate QR codes for further identification in the field. Clients and Sub-Contractors management enables storage of the info on the Customers and the Laborers attached to their projects.

Refreshing established business with innovation

StartupCraft developed a range of applications to reduce entanglement for the whole company. Web app for admins, mobile app for workforce and iPad app for on-site project management.

On top of that, we brought Geolocation tracking of the laborers to check if the check-in happening withing project's radius location. It's also packed with Weather reporting which helps understand any potential deviations in the normal work mode.

In case supervisors misses a check-in for themselves or their labour, management instantly receives push and email notification. And in case supervisor forgets to check-out - system automatically covers this case after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Getting rid of paperwork

Reports feature represents multiple reports based on the number of hours worked by Laborer considering the check-in/out time, overtime rules, lunch durations, project type, Laborer type that influence the data of the report. By enhancing reports with Cost Codes, the payroll reports are now compliant with any external Payroll system.

We have introduced digital signatures. This allowed to just use iPad on-site even for those workers who doesn't have a smartphone. At this point, company has saved 99% time and resources by avoding manual paperwork management.


LbR MgR helped John Wayne Construction to tame the scale and helped burst the profits shortly after launch. The team also recognised the efficiency and were able to increase their productivity by taking more projects which lead to overall company revenue increase.

Client feedback

Dustin Griner

John Wayne Construction, Director of Strategy & Finance
This new system developed by StartupCraft completely changed the way we do business.This app was created as an internal tool and it has streamlined our payroll and AR process so much that we are considering changing our entire business model to offer these services to our competitors.



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