Guided makes great coaching, powered by leading technology, available to all employees. The Guided Mission is to democratize access to great coaching to optimize human potential for all.


Guided co-founders reached StartupCraft with a well-shaped idea on how to improve communication between coahces and their clients. Through the series of research, StartupCraft was able to offer a technical solution to meet the requirements. After being hired, StartupCraft supplied full range of services, including re-design of original proposal.

The problem

Coaching industry being split between professional and personal coaching and there were no special tool to address daily problems a coach and his client facing. The communication was often disorganised and the valuable information spread across multiple tools. Another issue rises from clients who aren’t tech savvy and it isn’t easy for them to on-board and understand how to find the info from specific session.

Dead simple for a client

StartupCraft was tasked with creating the UX where the software itself is guiding a client through any task and makes sure there's no way one can get lost or confused.

The client-side solution supplied with reminders sent by Guided to keep accountable for their committed goals and tasks. By offering a shared content library enables coaches to easily share resources and easily reference or find information without leaving the platform.

Real-time collaboration only

By introducting real-time software components with side notifications when user is offline, StartupCraft brought the communication between coach and a client to the next level. By offering an infinity scrolled live feed through timeline it instantly attracted both sides to engage and communicate in a more disciplined and convenient way.

Smart Notes

All situated in one place. It guarantees both client and a coach land in a proper place and won't be derouted by modern UI complexities.

The coach-side solution backed up with automated tracking for client goals, tasks, accomplishments and insights adding valuable context to client data. Other than that, the solution shares the same functionality for both sides.

A never-ending live feed works as a notebook, the timeline with a progress tracking and todos.


After the initial product release, Guided have experienced a surge in the number of positive feedback from both coaches and their clients. The business decided to switch its focus towards the enterprise and was able to successfully secure next rounds of fund-raising. At this point, Guided offers an opportunity to organisations as well as freelance coaches and is busy scaling their business.

Client feedback

Brandon Evans

Guided, Co-founder
They delivered a high-quality platform with an expediency that impressed investors. The software is intuitive and was positively received by users. StartupCraft’s expert team can accomplish tasks suited for much larger development firms. Executive-level engagement generated a collaborative process.








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