FantasyInsiders is comprised of both established seasonal experts and data-driven analysts that know the game inside and out. They offer both free and premium products, and aim to give our members the same quality information that we were known for in our daily fantasy sports days.

Problem & Solution

In FantasySports the data is everything. To create a perfect lineup it takes tremendous amount of time bundle players in one team. To make a right decision, one has to consider multiple factors, follow the news and get with lineups in time. It becomes a full-time task due to complexity of finding useful data.

To help users achieve their goals a fine software comes to the rescue. By connecting fantasy sports authors, top industry experts through an interface where information is updated in real-time. The unique technology available at a time among other providers allowed FantasyInsiders to stay competitive. StartupCraft team was able re-design and re-create the software using new technologies as well as adding unique features. One of the remarkable achievements were a creation of lineup optimisation tool which allowed users gain the unfair advantage and led to success

Perfect tool for daily fantasy authors

To present content in a fascinating way, we created multifunctional editor for articles creation. On top of that, admin panel contained all necessary information about the articles performance for each author. For the hottest news, we created real-time alerts page so users can get information in time via email, sms or right inside the browser.

Final feature is to provide players rankings. Provided the opinion from best performing analytics, FantasyInsiders acquired unfaired advantage by allowing users to select or adjust the automatically generated lineup for a certain win.

Top-notch projections optimization engine

In the heart of FantasyInsiders we have created an ultimate engine which became the product's hallmark and the reason of success. With a use of linear programming and solving complex algorithmical problems we reached an outstanding performance by processing millions of records in a database within a few seconds and generated more than 500lineups in a less than 20seconds taking into an account complex constraints from over 15 different users settings.

Default win projections are sourced from various sportsbooks and adjusted to remove juice. Adjust win total projections as desired, then click submit to simulate the season. Simulated Pythagenpat Wins will appear in the inputs after calculation is complete.


New version of the analytical tools was launched in July and instantly gathered the attention by selling 60 subscriptions within the first weeks. The success was remarkable as this product became a technological flagman on the market utilising most advanced technologies and performed with top-notch results. FantasyInsiders was successfully acquired by Daily Fantasy Sports giant RotoGrinders in 2018.

Client feedback

David Kitchen

Founder of FantasyInsiders, Creative Director at RotoGrinders
StartupCraft was a lifesaver for FantasyInsiders - it saved the life and brand of FantasyInsiders that we had put so much work into.











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