DMI provides a unique tool that collects data from individuals with mental health disorders which will allow professional caregivers to quickly assess the need for an intervention.


DMI co-founders came to StartupCraft with a very clear vision of how DMI would be a powerful tool to help solve the toughest ental health challenges. With StartupCraft’s vast experience in the healthcare industry, we immediately helped shape the vision of the product with a proper aligning technology stack. StartupCraft has been hired to provide a full range of services: from designing solutions to full implementation and maintenance.


Since the Covid pandemic started in mid-April 2020 research has found that coronavirus caused a serious impact on mental health and well-being. Mental health is one of the overlooked challenges in our society. With recent challenges in current data collection practices for mental patients, there have been Inconsistent data collection standards, Data collection is not core to business function. A lot of apps out there are too complex to use, they lack training in data collection, lack of quality assurance processes.

Data collection as a core business function

Managing medical data is now an imperative business function in a digital world. Trust-based data sharing across data sources provides increased access to more data from more sources, enabling “knowable” insights that would not otherwise be discoverable. It enables better responsiveness, resilience, and sustainability in the healthcare industry.

Prevent unnecessary emergency mental health care visits through early intervention.

DMI wants to move the mental healthcare sector towards primary prevention with the effort to detect and treat mental disorders as early as possible. DMI team has researched and reviewed the current state of knowledge on delivering promotion and preventive interventions addressing mental health. Prevention and early intervention are recognized key elements for minimizing the impact of any potentially serious health condition.

Bring awareness of mental health state through a less intrusive platform

While some action has been taken to promote the implementation of services dedicated to young people, mental health needs during this critical period are still largely unmet. DMI has provided a unique tool that unobtrusively collects data from individuals with mental health disorders which will allow professional caregivers to quickly assess the need for an intervention.

Enterprise-grade back office management

StartupCraft delivered an admin panel that lets the DMI team collects data quickly including offering frictionless support to their users almost in no time. Data-sharing collaboration is a core competency between healthcare stakeholders that could yield both organizational competitive advantage and digital business acceleration.


DMI is working toward quickly expanding its presence within local hospitals and connecting with small to medium business owners. Through this partnership with health service institutions and governments. They can join forces to deliver integrated and multidisciplinary actions in mental health, especially in the early steps of prevention.



React Native


Redux Saga


Amazon EC2

Amazon RDS

Amazon S3



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