BFast is the food delivery application for the local diners restaurants, coffee shops or even festival events. BFast set a mission to provide users with better experience of contactless orders and payments in the most hands-clean, uncomplicated way. BFast looks for a future where people support favorite retailers and experience live events with a simple, safe and secure way to order and pay.


BFast team contacted StartupCraft having a clear vision how they plan to improve user experience. Through the discovery phase, we developed a Blueprint and Roadmap to achieve ambituous goal of securing transaction free experience. The team was hired shortly after to provide a full range of services: from designing a solution to the development and delivery to stores.

The Problem

There has always been a problem with reconciling payment between Customers and Vendors aggravating since Covid-19 started to walk the Earth where most offline businesses had to move online. In this fast-changing tech landscape, restaurants have realized that if they fail to provide a robust, seamless and efficient online ordering platform - they will quickly be left out of the race.

Efortless payment system has been another factor for customers shopping for food or paying on-site as there was no existing solution with no fee from the customer side.

Seamless payment transfer between customers and Vendors

A recurring problem that customers face while ordering food online focused around payment process. For example, a lot of vendors' websites do not accept multiple payment methods, forcing customers to drop their orders.

Security is another concern that people consider when purchasing anything online and if the payment gateway doesn’t assure it, there is a little reason to proceed.

With BFast, customers can complete purchases safely and privately through trusted processors which accepts a stunning variety of payment methods. By offering internal system balance with a secury top-up mechanism alongside with ability to pay by QR code, BFast lets businesses to focus on services instead of managing payments infrastructure.

Outstanding operations management

To provide world-class support for such a variety of features and operations, StartupCraft delivered an admin panel that lets BFast team offer frictionless support to their customers and vendors almost in no time. Venue vendors can set and edit their menu details, control order tracking and inventory and perform all updates in real-time which makes it convenient for their customers. On top of that, BFast Admins can easily provide a help to Venues by having shared secure access to dedicated operations.

Out-of-the-box online ordering solution for your business

Convenience is one of the main reasons today's customer selects one service over another. To make the ordering process as smooth as possible, BFast app accessible on all platforms by keeping the design clean, consistent and concise, with as few steps as possible required during the checkout process.

Venue app allows admin stuff to manage menu orders, check the revenue, create new locations or process orders in the intutive way.

Customer app allows for searching available locations nearby, create orders, leave tips, make reservations, or even save orders for later participation in Loyalty programs from different venues and much more.


BFast has successfully launched their mobile app for customers and vendors usage in the July 2021. All tests were passed and the company acquired first loyal customers inspired with the philosophy and simplicity of the interaction with the application. BFast started planning new features to continue improving the user experience and to achieve new heights.

Client feedback

Ross Henry

"They make our goals theirs, and that level of dedication and attentiveness represents their work ethic." Equipped with unmatched expertise and a strong desire to see their client's business flourish, StartupCraft Inc delivers on-point and on-budget solutions that have led to the birth of a user-friendly platform. The team is quick to apply iterations and is accommodating of their client's requests.



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