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20,000 users online
Raised $1,100,000 CAD
Went to Enterprise in less than 3 years
Patent-pending Blockchain solution
Raised $1,000,000 USD
Lead by the co-founder of Betterment
OhanaLink Technologies
OhanaLink Technologies
Signed contracts with big hospitals
Raised $500,000 USD
Process relationships of billions of users
Attracted giants: United Health Group, PwC, Gilead and IFC
Used by 100+ teams within 1st year
Saved up to 70% of tools expenses to the agencies
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StartupCraft’s secret sauce

The main ingredients are the people and the system. By concentrating together the professionals who worked with Fortune 100 companies and best in class specialists we unleash the ultimate creativity which drives astonishing results.

We have compounded and packaged our experience in a form of a reusable system we call StartupCraft Boilerplate. It allowed us to allocate maximum time to important solutions of your business, reuse trivial features like Authentication and fully automate infrastructure management. You will be able to try the very beginning version of your application from day 1.

About Us
How exactly StartupCraft works?

There are two ways we work with our clients: Full packaged service or Team extension.

The full-packaged option includes managed solution implementation from start to finish. We begin with an initial investigation of the client's business or idea. Then we bundle the research team with expertise in the field. Through the first few interviews, we collect enough information to create a Blueprint, unique specification form which speaks a technical and visual language.

After aligning and approving this specification, we carefully estimate the efforts and lay down the results in a form of interactive Roadmap, where every step is described and measured. During the implementation part, we work on design, front-end, back-end and deployment of the solution into the production. The whole technical work is orchestrated by fractional CTO who brings an overwhelming advantage to the quality of the product and guarantees a strong foundation for the future.

The Team extension allows your business to acquire the rarest talents without the need to run through the long HR process. Almost half of our clients enjoy an opportunity to gain a fraction of StartupCraft to fill the missing gap in their team. We are committed to providing the requested capability in full, sharing the knowledge with a team and always stay flexible.

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