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Recruit, Schedule and Manage your Workforce in one simple platform.

WorkAxle is a software platform that helps businesses manage their employees. It handles scheduling, change requests, communications, labor tracking, hiring, time & attendance, and analytics.
WorkAxle has a desktop platform as well as mobile applications for easy, cloud-based access to your business at all times.
Sep 2017 - Present


Schedule management was always a problem when you have employees spread over multiple locations. Shifts can be changed by variety of reasons like sick days, day-offs, firing or simply due to life factors.


StartupCraft team created a set of tools and solutions to address every major issue businesses experience in the workforce management industry via elegant software solution. The set of tools were aimed at management and recruiting areas ending up being products. We developed automatic shift management tool so workers can trade/exchange shifts, ask for day offs or indicate any change in schedule automatically. Software algorithm allowed find a match and replacement and dramatically decreased management time spent. Another toolset running around communication, including chat and work marketplace. WorkAxle also becomes a place where people can find a job, companies can recruit and onboard automatically. All documents are stored and backed up within a system making paperwork seamless and easy. On top of that rich functionality, we created Timesheets and Reporting tools completing the full circle of data inside a system.


WorkAxle Management
Schedule Employees
Understand your schedule no matter how the number of changes. Publish the schedule to all your employees in a single click.

Automated Requests
Allow your employees to request shift swaps, covers, request time off, and much more! Empower your employees to save you time.

Automate Timesheets
View who is clocking in early or late. Stay on top of time tracking. Export detailed time sheets on-the-fly and with little effort.

Send Documents
Send documents to entire departments, specific roles, or different users in one click. Maintain a record of documents sent and never duplicate your file management tasks.

Review Employees
Provide employee feedback. Encourage good work and shake off bad employees. Gain transparency in your company Provide a sense of worth to all your employees

WorkAxle Community
Onboard New Hires
Import new hires into your workplace and sending them documentation and contracts to sign with a simple click. Stop wasting time fetching documents and signatures.

Spark Communication
Encourage communication within your workplace. Gone are the days of having to endlessly fetch contact info from other employees. Communicate by department, role, or individual employee.

Send Announcements
Use the WorkAxle news section as your new centralized bulletin board. Post announcements, and current events with employees and keep them in the know whenever stuff happens.

WorkAxle Recruit
Post Job Openings
Create job openings with one simple click. Have those same openings pushed to a public openings page to understand who is checking out your openings and applying to them via your many ad campaigns.

Interview Candidates
Sit back and wait for applicants to pour into WorkAxle. Browse your applicants and book interviews with them all within the same ecosystem. Save time and reduce stress for your human resource during the hiring process.

Hire Candidates
Use the WorkAxle news section as your new centralized bulletin board. Post announcements, and current events with employees and keep them in the know whenever stuff happens.


As a result, StartupCraft managed to implement 3 products with aline of features in each addressing every and each problem. The remarkable transition from MVP to Enterprise format has taken place during development. While focusing on validating business model, potential clients found software solutions extremely helpful so they asked to adopt product Enterprise scale. Ending up with mobile, tablet and web application, WorkAxle become a central hub and the best friend for every management in a company using it.

StartupCraft built an exceptional app, streamlining a variety of processes for clients and their employees. Higher ups have even expressed an interest in white-labeling the platform, proving its value and potential. Working with their team is not only a seamless process, but also a pleasure.

Mathieu Diab, Workaxle, Founder

Project timeline:

Sep 2017
Feb 2018
June 2018


Alexey Nemerovets
Alexey N.
Front-end engineer
Anastasiya Konovalenkova
Anastasiya K.
Business Analyst
Andrew Los
Andrew L.
Front-end engineer
Denis Komogorcev
Denis K.
Front-end engineer
Dmitry Broshkov
Dmitry B.
Front-end engineer
Dmytro Koval
Dmytro K.
Back-end engineer
George Viazemsky
George V.
Lead Front-end engineer
Kirill Mashara
Kirill M.
Front-end engineer
Lyuda Dziubynska
Lyuda D.
Front-end engineer
Max Rudko
Max R.
Medet Tleukabiluly
Medet T.
Front-end engineer
Misha Yurchenkov
Misha Y.
Designer UI-UX
Olga Iliuk
Olga I.
Quality Assurance engineer
Olha Iievlieva
Olha I.
Business Analyst
Pavel Khudyshkin
Pavel K.
Back-end engineer
Semyon Pupkov
Semyon P.
Senior Back-end engineer
Sergey Kluban
Sergey K.
Quality Assurance engineer
Sergey Laptev
Sergey L.
Senior Front-end engineer
Sergii Korotenko
Sergii K.
Front-end engineer
Vadim Shalamov
Vadim S.
Lead Back-end engineer
Vladimir Katansky
Vladimir K.



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