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Connecting Hearts For a Lifetime.

MakeTheFamily is a Mobile Application providing matchmaking service for an audience from the Middle East. App quickly builds a rich profile for members which helps to find matches based on common interests and personalities compatibility. It dives deep in personality areas to clarify important aspects of character. MakeTheFamily assures all members identities are verified to protect the community from spammers.
April 2018 - March 2019


There’s not much option when it comes to matchmaking services oriented to specific cultures and groups. Moreover, when it comes to great UX and easy to use application it’s rare even worldwide. The complicate things even further, some groups require a thorough validation of the information in order not to violate the user privacy but respect it instead.


The Team were able to address privacy task through series of validation steps required operator to perform in subsequent series creating sort of incremental on-boarding flow. By providing simple UX for achieving task in the shortest path possible, we addressed a problem with demanding audience. And the last piece of solution was an attention to multiple preferences allowed users to configure their profile and thus increase chance of successful match using feature-rich chat and matchmaking functionality.


Two-stages onboarding process including the contact information and numerous facts about the Users to find the ideal match.

Validation of the User email and phone number forthe security of the Users.

Validation of uploaded photos and texts by Admins and Operatorsto be within the limits of decency and moderation.

Premium Promotion under special conditions.

Homescreen displaying the summary of User profiles, set up according to the User preferences.

Detailed profile views on click.

Privacy restrictions to keep User’s profile away from the undesired spectators.

Push notifications for the Users to know about updates.

Chat to know more about the people who like each other.

Activities — Likes, Quick messages, Bookmarks and Notes, Requests of full profile views, Sharing profile, Blocking Users. Simple Search for Basic subscription and Advanced Search for Premium Users.

Subscriptions — simple system of only one upgraded plan, which is Premium; one short step to the full functionality using. User Menu to manage the profile and subscription.


As a result,
StartupCraft team has created an App innovative in its domain, both from the user and the business perspective. The monetization model is clear as the users always know what they receive purchasing a subscription.

My project had diverse features and advanced business logic, I had been looking for, and interviewing many of the well reputed development agencies before settling with StartupCraft team.
What truly engages me with StartupCraft is their enthusiasm and passion to work with promising startups, they also are well equipped to act in high agility with changing requirements, and finally a clear commitment to deliver quality product.
They have provided dedicated expert BA, top notch development team and Quality assurance / testers to ensure smooth and quality delivery from 1st day of engagement.
We continue to release new features very rapidly and the end experience has been smooth and satisfactory.

Wish them the best in their journey.

Ahmed Bahgat, MakeTheFamily, Founder

Project timeline:

April 2018
August 2018
October 2018
March 2019
Begin the development


Anastasiya Konovalenkova
Anastasiya K.
Business Analyst
Olga Iliuk
Olga I.
Quality Assurance engineer
Pavel Khudyshkin
Pavel K.
Back-end engineer
Sergey Kluban
Sergey K.
Quality Assurance engineer
Sergey Laptev
Sergey L.
Senior Front-end engineer
Vadim Shalamov
Vadim S.
Lead Back-end engineer
Vladimir Katansky
Vladimir K.
Tigran Sahyakyan
Tigran S.
Middle Front-end engineer



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