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Let the World Come to You.

Lyfta is a subscription based digital platform where teachers and students can access immersive storyworlds and curriculum-based lesson and assembly plans. Lyfta's theme-based learning experiences are ideal for teaching Literacy, PSHE, Global Citizenship and Art, as well as fostering values and skills such as empathy, self-direction and critical thinking.
May 2018 - Present


The goal was to create an online platform that brings together pupils and teachers for a distance learning.


The Team implemented virtual classes combining virtual reality (VR) ang augmented reality (AR) technologies (Unity3d) and integrations (UniWebView, Embedded Browser, SVG Importer, World Map Globe Edition).


Immersive human stories and Assembly plans
Lyfta's team of educators, storytellers, designers and technologists have worked for thousands of hours to craft an innovative and pedagogically excellent resource - so you can deliver fun lessons and assemblies with minimal prep.

Cross-curricular lessons
With focus on literacy, PSHE, digital citizenship and creativity, Lyfta's lessons cover vast swathes of Primary and Secondary Curricula in Finland and the UK.

Lyfta video gallery.

Lyfta's interactive 360-degree environments that children can explore. They are real places featuring real people whom children can get to know and understand through powerful short documentary films, virtual reality experiences, rich media articles and infographics.

Storyworlds creating and configuring.

Student’s interactive diary.

Interactive Storyworlds player, which is used in LyftaStudent and LyftaTeacher.

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Lyfta's stories are beautifully crafted interactive worlds that can be explored on computers and tablets. Lyfta works with the the latest Google Chrome browser on PCs, Macs, Android tablets and iPads. We also have offline apps (beta) for smooth delivery on slower internet connections. Children are immersing into a virtual reality. 86% of pupils surveyed said they love Lyfta lessons.Startup Craft Team is constantly working on the improvement of the existing functionality. Finnish schools are happy.

StartupCraft team have been very effective in providing solutions when we had an issue or new feature requests.

Chris Norman, Lyfta, CTO

Project timeline:

May 2018
July 2018
October 2018
November 2018
December 2018
MVP development start


Anton Valov
Anton V.
Front-end engineer
Kirill Mashara
Kirill M.
Front-end engineer
Sergey Kucher
Sergey K.
Back-end engineer
Svyatoslav Dardalan
Svyatoslav D.
Senior Front-end engineer
Vadim Shalamov
Vadim S.
Lead Back-end engineer
Yuri Yuzvovich
Yuri Y.
VR/AR engineer



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