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The easiest way to offer high quality and affordable coaching to all of your employees.

Guided makes great coaching, powered by leading technology, available to all employees. The Guided Mission is to democratize access to great coaching to optimize human potential for all.
Jan 2018 - Present


When Guided approachedStartupCraft, it was clear the coaching industry need a software touch to improve the coach and his clients experience. Coaching industry being split between professional and personal coaching and there were no special tool to address daily problems a coach and his client facing. The communication was often disorganised and the valuable information spread across multiple tools. Another issue rises from clients who aren’t tech savvy and it isn’t easy for them to on-board and understand how to find the info from specific session.


We have created a collaborative tool as solution with unique feature that works like a live feed, encompassing sessions with interactive goals list, resources and opportunity to accept client input. This eliminated the need of comments and structured the data in one place. Having convenient filters and ultra-convenient UI StartupCraft achieved a brand new level of interface communication which was completely self-explanatory and simple.


Client collaboration
Real-time collaboration between coach and client tracks all important session discussions.

Smart notes
Automated tracking for client goals, tasks, accomplishments and insights adding valuable context to client data.

Progress tracking
Share dashboard displaying client progress over time.

Automated reminders
Reminders sent by Guided to keep clients accountable for their committed goals and tasks.

Resource library
Shared content library enabling coaches to easily share resources with clients.


The product released and switched its focus towards the enterprise offering an opportunity to organisations as well as freelance coaches. It’s already been proven to be working as a must have tool for a several companies.

They delivered a high-quality platform with an expediency that impressed investors. The software is intuitive and was positively received by users. StartupCraft’s expert team can accomplish tasks suited for much larger development firms. Executive-level engagement generated a collaborative process.

Brandon Evans, Guided, Co-founder

Project timeline:

Jan 2018
Apr 2018


Denis Komogorcev
Denis K.
Front-end engineer
Dmytro Koval
Dmytro K.
Back-end engineer
George Viazemsky
George V.
Lead Front-end engineer
Lyuda Dziubynska
Lyuda D.
Front-end engineer
Max Rudko
Max R.
Misha Yurchenkov
Misha Y.
Designer UI-UX
Olha Iievlieva
Olha I.
Business Analyst
Sergey Kluban
Sergey K.
Quality Assurance engineer
Sergii Korotenko
Sergii K.
Front-end engineer
Vadim Shalamov
Vadim S.
Lead Back-end engineer
Vladimir Katansky
Vladimir K.



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