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Democratizing Finance for the Blockchain Community.

BitFinance makes cryptocurrency investing safe and easy via an online blockchain-powered Investment Platform. At bitfinance.com, investors will find a Frictionless Fiat on- and off- ramp into institutional-grade investments backed by World Class customer service, including multilingual phone support. By bringing simplicity and confidence to cryptocurrency investing, BitFinance addresses an enormous need in the market today. Its Mission is to provide retail investors around the world access to top-performing institutional-grade alternative investments, which historically have only been available to accredited investors. Its approach is to leverage a blockchain-powered online Investment Platform, tokenomics, and conscious corporate governance to provide low-fee investment services. And its beachhead market is cryptocurrency investing.
Jan 2018 - 2Q 2019


Alternative assets investment was always complicated due to the following issues:

  1. Fragmentation. There are tens of thousands of alternative investment funds totaling over $15T in assets, with no trusted advisors
  2. Fraud. No trusted advisors or industry transparency make it difficult to tell information from propaganda, exposing investors to fraud
  3. Regulation. High minimums exclude both accredited and non-accredited investors from participating in most alternative asset funds
  4. Administration. Alternative asset funds are administered by non-scalable means that limit them to only 99 investors


To address all issues specified aboveĀ StartupCraft team has to mix both Blockchain and Traditional technologies. To circumvent issues happening due to redundant middle man within every transaction and fund allocation, smart contracts technology fit in. To solve such complex issue in antiquated fund systems we would need to create an innovative solution to disrupt the industry. It was achieved through a series of iterations and tests and ended up with MVP ready for test-run and work with real funds. User can participate in a full journey with his investments represented in digital currency and real allocation settled in a set of funds. All is achievable using elegant UI implementation with deadly-simple slider to specify the strategy and investment allocation


Build Wealth
Access high-performing investments covering all four corners of the cryptocurrency world previously only available to Crypto Insiders.

Total Control
You set your allocation strategy, and BitFinance invests your money across a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrency funds.

Fast & Easy
Invest using our Frictionless Fiat on-and-off- ramps, and save time managing a portfolio that would otherwise require countless platforms and time to manage.

Safe & Secure
Invest with confidence in professionally managed institutional-grade funds backed by World Class Customer Service and multilingual phone support.

Lower Costs
Our use of blockchain technology means lower transaction costs and fees than traditional private equity or hedge funds, plus fewer trades means lower tax exposure.

Mission Focused
BitFinance is a Public Benefit Corporation committed to providing everyone access to the investments and loans that build wealth with the lowest possible fees.


BitFinance successfully entered next Phase of development and reached the full fundraising state.

Developments helped secure pre-seed fundraising; the quality exceeded expectations. Communication was both precise and smooth, despite their being offshore, and deadlines were always met.

Karma Slomianski, BitFinance, COO

Project timeline:

Jan 2018
Feb 2018
March 2018
April 2018
May 2018
June 2018
July 2018
2Q 2019


Anastasiya Konovalenkova
Anastasiya K.
Business Analyst
George Viazemsky
George V.
Lead Front-end engineer
Max Rudko
Max R.
Sergey Kluban
Sergey K.
Quality Assurance engineer
Vadim Shalamov
Vadim S.
Lead Back-end engineer
Vladimir Katansky
Vladimir K.



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